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The LMS that's easy as ABC to help you Engage, Empower and Educate like never before!
SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites TEACHERS
SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites STUDENTS
SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites PARENTS
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites

The New Way to
engage. empower. educate.

Connections for teachers...

  • Activity Wall

    With an intuitive design, it looks and feels kind of like Facebook, so you know it will be easy to learn and easy to use with little or no training for your users.

    Your Profile

    Teachers and students can manage their own profiles and preferences in order to customize the way that the system looks, feels and responds to their needs.


    Create as many groups or class periods as you like, then create posts, quizzes, polls, assignments and more for your group or even multiple groups.

    File Storage

    Upload and store any and all the files, photos, videos and whatever else you'll ever need and access it all anywhere at any time.  It's all completely unlimited!


    Powerful and simple to use calendars & schedulers will keep you and all of your students on task and fully informed of everything happening in your classes .


    Share anything with any of your connections with just a few clicks, and they can do the same for you. It's a true real-time share-it-all kind of world now.

Connections for students...

  • Social Wall

    Simple, familiar social media style layout means students will instantly know how to use and make the most of it all with little or no learning curve.


    Teachers can give any type of project to their students, who in turn can complete them online without the need to even download or re-upload anything!

    Polls & Quizzes

    Teachers post them and students complete them, and can even see instant real-time scores & results of everything they ever do in any of their classes.

    Web Lockers

    Upload and store unlimited documents, homework, projects, and everything else that today's students have to keep up with, and access it from anywhere.


    All users can get instant updates & notifications via email and text messages (or both!) so that they will always what's going on and when and with whom.


    Students can connect with their teachers on their own in order to take almost all of the user management off of the backs of their busy teachers.

Connections for parents...

  • Track your kids

    Parents can log into the system to see and access everything their kids have done and even contact their teachers for real-time chat and collaboration.

    Web Meetings

    Parents & teachers can have real-time instant web conferences 'on the fly' whenever needed to share screens, files, desktops to stay on top of everything.

    File Access

    Parents can see and access all of the files, documents and anything else their kids have uploaded in order to always be aware of what they are doing & storing.

    Access Anywhere

    Since SchoolDesk works on all major browsers and all fixed and mobile devices, every user can access all of the features & functions of the system from anywhere.


    Just like their kids can, parents can also sign up for constant reminders and alerts of assignments and everything that's going on in their child's classes.


    Parents can communicate privately and securely with the teachers of their kids without the kids seeing or knowing any of the details of their communications.

Connections for everyone...

  • Swear Filter

    Only Connections includes a fully functional dirty word filter can grow and evolve as new words and phrases  need to be blocked from use in your system.

    Content Flagging

    The only 'self-policing' LMS where users can report & remove any inappropriate posts, bullying, comments, or whatever else just isn't for use in schools.

    Data Security

    All user data is store inside of your Connections site even if users accidentally or intentionally try deleting it form the system, so you always have it all.


    Administrators can quietly monitor all activity and flag inappropriate content and moderate files in real time in order to keep the peace before there are problems.


    Stored on multiple servers in multiple data centers in different states, you can rest assured that all of your content will always be replicated and available.

    Always Growing

    We never stop developing & growing, and we always look for new and better ways of doing just about everything, so just tell us what you want or need.


 Switching LMS's

Many of our customers are just starting out with their first LMS, and are looking for us to help guide them through the process.  However, we also get quite a few people switching from less user-friendly, costly, or less effective systems, who find that they need some help in changing methodologies and useful comparisons to how to do what they used to do in their old system.  With our in-depth knowledge of the LMS industry, we'll help you familiarize yourself with SchoolDesk in a simple comparative manner to how you used to do things.  Generally we'll show you even easer, faster and more effective ways too, which is why so many people switch to SchoolDesk in the first place!


Roll-out Time!

Implementing a whole new system is a big project, but it doesn't have to be a big challenge.  With proper planning and expectations, combined with effective training and unlimited support, we'll make sure that Connections LMS is presented and delivered to the right people at the right pace in order to gain the adoption rates you hope for.  We've created a tremendous amount of pre-planning and post-rollout documentation to help you prepare your team in advance, as well as to help guide them through the entire process.  It's what we do on a daily basis, and we've simplified and streamlined the process to make everyone's life easier.


Do it Your Way!

There are many methodologies when it comes to teaching and making full use of a powerful Learning Management System like Connections, we we'll work with you to utilize the system your way.  Whether your "flipping" your classroom, doing cooperative-based, project-based or inquiry-based instruction, or maybe even STEM, Assessment, Digital Citizenship, Digital Portfolios, or "Show & Tell", we'll help you make sense of it all and how you can use the wide selection of features and functions to meet your style of teaching.


Easy Collaboration

 Sharing Everything

We all learn to share at an early age, but until SchoolDesk Connections, that wasn't very easy to do since most LMS applications make it clumsy and require lots of steps to do. We make it as easy as upload something (files, photos, videos, audio, etc.), select who you want to share it with (as many people or groups as you like), and click "SHARE".  It's really just that easy!  In fact everything in Connections is just as fast and easy, and logically designed so that even your youngest and least experienced computer users will be uploading and sharing in just seconds!


 Store it all!

As with everything at SchoolDesk, user file storage is always completely unlimited for everyone.  So all your teachers, staff and students can upload as many assignments, files, photos, videos and whatevers to their own unlimited cloud storage area, and then access all that whatever wherever...at home, class, or on the go.  Put all your stuff where you want it, and get to it when & where you need it...and store as much of it as you want!


Manage your users

Synch your websites with your Active Directory server, or upload your users in a CSV file, or even add and delete users manually quickly and easily, then create groups for classes, clubs or departments, and just click on people who belong in those groups.  Managing your users is easy as 1,2,3!  Teachers can create as many classes, class periods, groups, clubs or even sub-groups and quickly drop new assignments, quizzes, files, notifications and more to any individual user, an entire groups, or even many different groups with just a few clicks.  It couldn't be easier!


Stay on Schedule

 It's great that you can do everything inside of Connections, but if you won't remember what to do, what's the point, right?  That's why our schedulers and calendars are so powerful and easy to use!  Just click on any day in your calendar to create new events just for yourself or for any of your students, teachers, groups, clubs or departments, and that new event will instantly be shown on the calendars of everyone you selected.  And don't worry about forgetting it because you and everyone involved will get a text message, an email message, and even a recorded voice message reminder about the event!  Connections will always keep everyone connected to what's going on and when.

User Training

Train the Trainer

With our Train the Trainer approach, we will train a specific group of designated users, usually your website administrators or web master, with all of the knowledge and experience they will need to train and support the other users within your schools. This approach provides all users with more in-depth, easily accessible support while also increasing training effectiveness exponentially across your district or school.


Web-Based Training

To work around your busy schedule, and to make it easier for you to gather all trainees at a single session, we provide unlimited live web-based training, at no cost of course.  This will make it easy for your users to get the training they need from the location that is most convenient to them.  It also prevents you from the logistical headaches of trying to gather everyone to a single location, and eliminates the need for any on-site training expenses.


 Recorded Training

As an added convenience to you and your staff, especially the ones who might not be able to make it to the initial training sessions, as well as for future users who will need a good reference, we'll record and store your training session and make it available for you and all of your users indefinitely so that that everyone will always have something to refer back too, and can replay as often as they need to, whenever they feel they need it.


Customized Training

While our training team is highly knowledgeable and experienced, sometimes there are those who already know exactly what they want their users to know and learn, or only have limited amounts of time to devote to training.  So, in order to meet your requirements or limitations, we'll even let you pick the specific topics that you'd like our trainers to focus on during your training.  Of course they will still have full access to our support team and vast amount of training documentation to help them with anything that might have been cut from the usual training curriculum.

Service & Support

 Dedicated Support

With so many features & functions, we know there's a lot to learn, and a lot to keep up with since we're constantly adding new and improved items to Connections.  That's why we have a dedicated support team specifically for LMS support.  While all of our support team members know SchoolDesk inside and out, our dedicated Connections Team can help you with any questions regarding the use, roll-out, support or other questions related to Connections.  We're always here for you.


 Real-Time Support

Sometimes you need an answer to your question quickly, and you don't have time to submit a trouble ticket or search through a vast amount of information to find what you need.  Fortunately, we provide instant live support via toll-free phone service and even instant Live Chat support for all of your users.  We can even start a real-time web meeting so that we can see and hear each other to help resolve issues and answer questions quickly and more accurately than trying to describe a solution over the phone.


 Self-Help Support

While we're always here to help, we've also created a ton of information to help users find their own answers in the form of downloadable PDF documents, videos, and screenshots. This information is always available and constantly growing as we continue to add new and improved features & functions to the Connections Learning Management System. 


Trouble Tickets

Sometimes users aren't in such a hurry that they need their answers now, or can't take a phone call or  have time for live chat, so submitting a trouble ticket through our 24 hour support system suits them just fine.  It's a great way to track the status or your question as well as have a permanent resource regarding your issue that you can always refer back to.  Trouble tickets are responded too almost immediately, and within just a couple of hours typically over weekends and holidays.


Phone Support

We love to hear from our customers, so if the need hits you, or if you're in a place where you can talk, pick up the phone and call us toll-free from anywhere in the U.S. Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm Central Standard Time.  This is a great way to get your message across quickly and accurately, plus it give you a chance to meet our great support team in person.  Our support team is standing by, so call us when you need us at 1-888-242-2685.



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