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We're a technology company based on PEOPLE first, and always focused on building and creating what our users really need, while making things better, faster and more reliable & affordable than ever before.   Always changing and growing, with the tools to help you Engage, Empower & Educate.

Who We Are


We are THE premier school website building company focused exclusively on building the most cost effective and technically advanced websites that allow schools and teachers to use their precious time more effectively. We're a different kind of company with a kind of Google-ish approach to employee management and technology that rewards our employees for their creative input and resourceful ideas to come up with even more great ideas to satisfy the problems that schools and teachers encounter every day.

We're a cozy crew, or family as we like to call ourselves, but that's been the true secret of our success. We're small and nimble enough to be able to respond quickly & effectively to customer requests and demands without all the delays and bureaucracy of those larger bloated companies, while being big enough to seriously compete at a national level, as we do in 36 states.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we personally get to know each and every one of our customers (sorry, we don't do customer numbers.  We only do names!), and we actually take the time to realize every school system's unique circumstances, rather than just assuming that all schools fit neatly into a predetermined template. Our personal touch and attention to detail sets us apart from the pack.

Our History

  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites
  • SchoolDesk school websites and teacher websites


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About Our Company

We're a company that believes in creating a truly personal experience for all of our school websites and teacher website users, and we take our passion for school websites and support far beyond any other company.

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